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Anyone that knows me knows that I am a lover of all things weathered, worn, distressed and tattered. I believe that I was born about 100 years to late. Growing up with parents that took my family and I to antique stores was the beginning of this great love for all things old.

I was born in Brentwood, Tennessee and later moved to Walker, Louisiana with my husband and 2 sons. I had a wonderful opportunity to take over a vintage/antique store, Rusty Rooster, which I have owned for 5 years and now have made it my own. One of my customers, a local Louisiana wedding planner, came in and planted the idea that I should open a vintage wedding rental business to cater to the Baton Rouge and Louisiana wedding scene.

Not thinking that I would ever have the time to run another business, but with her constantly reassuring me that Baton Rouge was in need of this type business and her brides desperately needing the items to fulfill their dreams, I decided to start Timeless Vintage Rentals. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love and want the opportunity to pass along vintage items that will tell your story at your wedding or event.

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